你好,我是妇产科医生。我有你的基因结果。”Tears flowing, I realized my ‘pregnancy hormones’ were actually a premonition.’: Mom to son with Down syndrome vows to spend rest of life ‘shouting his worth’

“‘我们会这么做的。这是我们的孩子,无论如何我们都会爱他。”As we exited the car, I saw parents holding the hands of their little girl. She turned around and smiled at us and I saw SHE had it too. Tears flooded my eyes as I realized God was already showing up for us.”

凌晨3点,我被一条信息吵醒。“请问,你是哪位?””我回答。“我是罗布生活中的另一个女人。”Our contact set off a life-changing cascade of events.’: Couple fall in love after betrayed by same man, ‘You can find love in the craziest ways’

“开始的两个小时,我们喝着普罗赛克(prosecco),讲述我们相互交叠的关系。夜晚过去了,我们在情感上和身体上都变得更亲密了。这时我的脑袋在说,‘艾玛,你在想什么?这是罗布的前女友??”But we couldn’t deny the chemistry and kissed, sparks flying everywhere.”