‘He took his last breaths with our son on his chest, and my hand in his hand.’: Woman induces baby via c-section 3 weeks early so terminally ill husband can meet newborn son

“ICU doctors entered my room. ‘Your husband is declining fast. He has a matter of a few hours.’ It was either a c-section right at that moment, or Jb would not have the opportunity to meet our son. Without a question in my mind, I said, ‘Let’s go.’ Some told me they’ll never forget this act of selflessness. Some called my actions brave and heroic. I just call it love.”

‘HR called me in, crying. ‘Your coworkers donated sick time to you, but your employer is taking it away.’: Bilateral breast cancer survivor finds light after workplace discrimination

”她说,“有些事情不公平或右。“我我mmediately packed up my desk knowing I’d never walk back in the door. This was worse than cancer. Cancer never pretended to be anything but cancer. The betrayal was too much. I started making plans to take my own life. But as it turns out, my terrible season became a launching pad.”

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