‘My husband complains I never tell him what I want for Mother’s Day. I want to be as clear as possible. Don’t say you DON’T know what we want.’

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“My husband complained I never tell him what I want for Mother’s Day.

I want to be as clear as possible to him, and to everyone else who may struggle – so here is a list of 10 Things Moms Want This Mother’s Day.

Choose one or choose all 10, but don’t say you DON’T know what we want.

1.Someone to wake up early and start the day. We want to sleep in, but we don’t want to wake up to chaos and guilt that we skipped the morning routine.

2.Our children’s art work. We want to watch the kids be excited to give us something made especially for us. Those macaroni necklaces or handprint art pieces – those are the things we will remember with tears and nostalgia as our little ones grow up.

3.A break from the kids. Sure, we are celebrating being a mom, but our ideal celebration doesn’t include wiping butts or picking up LEGOs. Give us this day off, please.

4.An opportunity to be the fun, relaxed parent. We would love someone else to attend to children’s bickering. We don’t want to be the disciplinarian on Mother’s Day, we want to get in on the laughs, hugs and tickle fights – but we want to opt out of lectures and timeouts. Basically, we want to be you.

5.A meal we don’t have to cook. Or share. Or excuse ourselves from 13 times to help everyone else.

6.A nap that lasts as long as we desire. Also including but not limited to, watching a movie or reading a book while the kids leave us alone because they think we are ‘napping.’ Possibly followed by an actual nap. What a dream.

7.A family picture. Take one today. Have one printed. Or even plan a professional session. Pictures mean so much to us, and often us mamas don’t make it into very many of them.

8.Words of love. We want to hear you appreciate us. That you notice us. When the kids hear these words from you, and when they are encouraged to deliver these words themselves, they will grow up to be empathetic and loving adults who appreciate others. It’s a win/win.

9.A clean house. I know this is reaching, but it is what we really want. This can be something you and the kids do. This can be a gift certificate to a home cleaning service. This can be a promise to clean the house next week. Just know, this is always an ideal gift.

10.MARATHON SEX. (Or maybe not. Just checking to see if you made it to the end of the list.)”


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