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May 6th was the day my entire world was flipped upside down. I left for work that morning at five-thirty a.m. Sean was snoring away, so I kissed him on the forehead, whispered an ‘I love you,’ and left for work. He had the day off. The plan was he would drop our boys at the sitter’s house before heading over to help his friend, Zach, repair a retaining wall on his property. It was just a normal day.



I honestly only vaguely remember leaving work and making the drive to the emergency room. Only brief frantic phone calls to my mother in law, and brother in law.



She led me back to the trauma room. The panic I felt in the reception area only intensified. There, covered in blood, still strapped to the backboard, wires and tubes running from him, wheezing and moaning, was my husband. He had blood-soaked gauze around his head. ‘Is that a bone sticking out of his arm?’


They handed me his phone, wallet, keys, and wedding ring. I could no longer contain myself. I burst into tears, staring at the ring I had only recently placed on his hand, which was now covered in blood.

当他们把肖恩带出CT扫描时,一家人开始到达。越来越多的家庭开始到达,当对讲机上宣布“ CT房间中的代码蓝色”时,我们试图通过与EMT交谈来拼凑出来。

My knees went weak, and I felt the panic rise again. The EMT went to the nurse’s station to check on Sean’s status as I began praying again. Sean was only getting sick, but in his current condition, everything was cause for concern.





They moved Sean from recovery to ICU and moved us from one waiting room to another. I was finally going to be able to see Sean. It was heartbreaking. There was my husband, in a medically induced coma, fed with an IV, only breathing with a ventilator. I couldn’t comfort him, I couldn’t take him home, and I couldn’t seem to wake up from this nightmare.





The doctor came out of the O.R with mixed news. Sean had made it through the surgery, his vital signs were stable, but he would be sedated for a few days to give his body time to recover. ‘After that, it’s up to him.’


Tuesday evening, I sat beside his bed, holding his swollen hand in mine, listening to the ventilator push air through his tracheotomy and praying. I told him, ‘If you are up there talking to God, you tell him you are not ready yet. I need you. Your boys need you. I know you are in there, but you have to show these doctors and nurses that. I am going to go home. When I get back in the morning, you need to wake up.’






Cognitively, you couldn’t tell now that he had a traumatic brain injury 5 years ago. Sure, he gets aggravated easily and tires easily. The deafness really flares up when asked to take out the garbage. But compared to the alternative, we’ll take it!

Sean wasn’t expected to live. The doctors have told us several times, they have never seen anyone so close to death walk out of the hospital the way he did. He truly is a walking miracle!”


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