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Bhangra is a fun cultural dance that originates from the state of Punjab in India. This dance is a part of the religion Sikhism and all are welcome to do it. Like other dances, it is not a dance to worship any god or has any other significant symbol. It was created out of joy and to celebrate events, such as weddings, birthdays, and other special moments. Bhangra ranges from casual partying to competitive dance. For more information on Bhangra, please feel free to email the instructor, Amandeep Kaur, at or call 616-635-5215.

* Workshop Description *

An introductory workshop on Bhangra dance will be held at the Bellydance Kalamazoo World Dance Studio on April 22nd from 5-7 pm.  This two-hour workshop will include: bhangra history, proper standing positions, traditional dance steps, hand movements, and a short choreography sequence.  

Date: Sunday, April 22

Time: 5-7pm
Cost: $30

Good dancing is rooted in good listening! This workshop is focused on teaching dancers to integrate their understanding of middle eastern rhythms utilizing the drum, and then their bodies. Students will be introduced to the dumbek drum and how to play it. We'll also become familiar with the essential and basic rhythms found in middle eastern music. Improve your musical and dance understanding by learning about what you are hearing when the music starts.

Students must have a drum to participate in this workshop for beginning drummers. Finger cymbals helpful, but not absolutely necessary. Come dressed for movement. There will be handouts to take home for personal practice.

NOTE: There must be at least 5 people registered by (5 days before date) in order for this workshop to run. Register early! Registration for this event has been capped at 8 participants.

Date: Sunday, May 6

Cost: $55

Moving with Mom Fundraiser

Middle Eastern dance often celebrates the beauty of music and the celebration of family. This spring, share the joy of Middle Eastern dance with Mom!  Each paid participant can bring their mom to this free 90-minute bellydancing class by making a small donation to the local women’s shelter.
Perhaps your mother doesn’t live nearby, then what?  NO WORRIES! Bring someone who acts as a mentor or who believes in you no matter what. Bring someone who loves you unconditionally or nags you just enough to motivate you. You could even bring a new mom that could just use a break and some time to hang out with fabulous ladies!
Acceptable donations include:
            * new or gently used purses
            * new socks
            * gently used professional shoes
            * unopened personal care items
Date: Saturday, May 12th

Time: 10-11:30am
Cost: $15 (unless already registered for Something special Saturdays)

           Plus - a donation to cover "Mom"

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