Bellydance Kalamazoo

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Dance Info Links:
Everything you want to know about middle eastern dance - Hundreds of articles
Online middle eastern dance journal; articles, reviews, history, costuming, interviews; it’s all here!
Great articles about middle eastern dance history

Supplies for costume construction

All the latest from Egypt
Beautiful custom designs; great service, quality
Creative custom costume pieces

Performer, Instructor, Owner and Artistic Director at Bellydance Kalamazoo
Teacher & Performer based in Grand Rapids and an Instructor  at Bellydance Kalamazoo
Performance group and classes based in Lansing
Jawaahir dance company and the Cassandra School based in Minneapolis
Dance Ethnologist and Master Instructor based in San Diego

These articles cover basic information that new and experienced dancers alike can draw from.  Some were written by me, some by others, but they all contain useful info.  Enjoy!  ~Kim